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Jurassic Park Halloween Costume Guide Part II

Welcome to Part II of our Jurassic Park Halloween Costume Guide.  If you missed part one, you can check it out at the following link.  In part one, we … Continue reading

October 27, 2013 · 1 Comment

Jurassic Park Halloween Costume Guide Part I

If you’re anything like me than the late October wind could only mean one thing, the scramble for a memorable Halloween costume.  The first thing I do is check my closet … Continue reading

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How painting my apartment made me a better writer.

I was looking through my emails today when I stumbled upon some notes I made to a friend.  The notes dated back to the first week I was in the … Continue reading

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The Most Interesting Men in World History: Theodore Roosevelt

We have a new segment here on the blog called “The Most Interesting Men in World History.”  Obviously it’s based on those awesome Dos Equis ads featuring The Most Interesting … Continue reading

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Blood on a Sunday, Words on a Wednesday

When I was first convinced to start writing this blog, I made a couple of promises to myself.  The first promise I made was that I would either put everything … Continue reading

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One Month with my Warby Parkers

Rarely do I like to throw my support behind one product or another.  I don’t think corporate America needs me to tow the line for them.  However, when there is … Continue reading

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Emoticon Rules for Men :-)

Let’s face it; we live in world run by digital communication.  Live human contact is slowly becoming a thing of the past.  It’s gotten to the point where when someone … Continue reading

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She’s All That: Reboot- Making sense of a late 90ties teen movie.

I tend to build attachments to weird stuff.  What starts off as a joke many times turns into a strange passion. My latest curiosity is no exception.  For the last … Continue reading

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Why a Jumanji like scenario scares me more than the Zombie Apocalypse

In the modern era of pop culture, we happen to be obsessed with the notion of a zombie apocalypse.  The concept of the undead terrorizing people has been something that … Continue reading

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