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Jurassic Park Halloween Costume Guide Part II


Welcome to Part II of our Jurassic Park Halloween Costume Guide.  If you missed part one, you can check it out at the following link.  In part one, we focused on Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, and the kids Lex and Tim.  In this post we will put together costumes for John Hammond, Ian Malcolm, Robert Muldoon, the lawyer Donald Gennaro, and Dennis Nedry.  As I mentioned in Part I, hopefully you have many of these items in your closet but if now, I have included links to supplement what you do not have.

note to the readers: This article and its companion are more about the clothing matters and do not include props such as John Hammond’s amber tipped cane.

John Hammond

“Welcome to Jurassic Park.”


White Linen Shirt- Macy’s (Cubavera) $34.99

white shirt

White Pants- Dockers $49.99


White Dress Shoes- Macy’s (Bass) $69.99

white shoes

“Gold” Watch- Amazon (US Polo Assn.) $21.99

gold watch

Clear Spectacles- Sunglass Warehouse $14.41


Men’s Straw Golf Hat- Amazon $49.50


Ian Malcolm

“Yeah, but, John, if The Pirates of the Caribbean breaks down, the pirates don’t eat the tourists. ”


Black Leather Blazer- Amazon (BGSD) $199.99

leather jacket

Black Dress Shirt- Macy’s (Geoffrey Beene)$29.99

black shirt

Black Belt- Macy’s (Geoffrey Beene)$18.99

black belt

Black Dress Pants- JC Penny (Dockers) $34.99

black pants

Black Leather Boots- Macy’s (Kenneth Cole) $198.00


Black Frame Sunglasses- Amazon(Ray Ban)


Robert Muldoon

“Clever girl.”



Outback Hat- Outback Trading Company $47.99


Short Sleeve Safari Shirt- Cabela’s $34.99

safari shirt

Safari Vest- Tag Safari $69.99

safari vest

UK Drill Shorts- $38.00


Tan Socks- Online Militaria $16.00


Brown Combat Style Boots- Urban Outfitters (Clarks)$140.00


Brown Belt- Macy’s (Geoffrey Beene) $18.99


 Donald Gennaro (the bloodsucking lawyer)

“What’s the matter, kid? You never had lamb chops? ”



Light Brown Suit- Macy’s (Sean John)

tan suit

Brown Dress Shoes- Macy’s (Rockport)


Brown and White Stripped Shirt w/ tie combo- Paul Fredrick $29.95

This shirt and tie combo by Paul Fredrick works perfectly for the character of Donald Gennaro aka the lawyer.  It’s elegant clean look fits with the button up professional disposition of a lawyer.

Actually, Paul Fredrick has some really good last minute costume ideas on their blog.  I recommend checking them out here


Tan Panama Hat- $98.00



Dennis Nedry

“Dodgson, Dodgson, we’ve got Dodgson here!”


Hawaiian Shirt- Aloha Outlet $38.00


Glasses- Warby Parker (Rowan) $145.00


I hope you enjoyed my Jurassic Park Halloween Costume style guide.  I was going to make one for Ray Arnold (played by Samuel L Jackson) but I thought that was pushing it.  Enjoy your Halloween everyone.

-Clash Out

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One comment on “Jurassic Park Halloween Costume Guide Part II

  1. Daou H.
    October 27, 2013

    I’m impressed. I’m amazed you were able to make costume making so easy. Great post!

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