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Jurassic Park Halloween Costume Guide Part I


If you’re anything like me than the late October wind could only mean one thing, the scramble for a memorable Halloween costume.  The first thing I do is check my closet for stuff I might already have.  I usually have some things, but not everything.  Instead of buying a cheap costume that will disintegrate in the rain, I try to buy items that I can wear more than once a year.

If you were a kid in the year 1993 than the odds are you were obsessed with dinosaurs.   The reason for this is most likely due to the Steven Spielberg blockbuster film Jurassic Park, which was released that year.  Now I know some of you proto-hipsters are going to claim that you thought dinosaurs were cool before Jurassic Park was released but let’s be honest, even if this was the case, J.P.  put you over the top.


That film happened to be on television the other day and as I was  watching, I realized that dressing up as one of the characters was something I could do with items I already had.  Even if I didn’t have everything, I was sure I could acquire the rest.  Of course, by characters I mean the human characters.  Creating a realistic velociraptor costume would take up too much time and effort at this point.

In case you guys had the same idea as me, I decided to make a guide for all those interested. I broke up the costume ideas by characters.  Hopefully you have some of these items in your closet but if not, I tried to find some available options.

This guide is split in two. The first part will deal with Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, and the children Lex and Tim.  Part II tomorrow will handle John Hammond, Ian Malcolm, and others. Enjoy.

Dr. Alan Grant

“Hammond, after some consideration, I’ve decided, not to endorse your park.”



Aviator Sunglasses (gold)- Urban Outfitters $14.00


Red Bandanna- Target 3.99 2pk


Men’s Denim Long Sleeve Shirt- Land’s End $14.99


Men’s Khaki Pants- Old Navy $24.80


Brown Belt- Macy’s (Geoffrey Beene) $18.99


Brown Leather Watch- Macy’s (Unlisted) $29.98


Men’s Boots- DSW (Caterpillar Bryant Work Boot) $69.95


Fedora Style Hat- SunBody Hats (3inch brim teardrop fedora) $78.00


Dr. Ellie Sattler

“Dinosaurs eat man. Woman inherits the earth. ”


Salmon/Pink long sleeve blouse- Kohls (chaps) $39.99

pink shirt

Navy Blue Sleeveless T-Shirt- Appleseed’s $21.95

Womens Blue

Women’s Brown Belt- Macy’s (Calvin Klein)


Women’s Khaki Shorts- Tilly’s (Dickie’s)


Women’s Work Boots- KMart (Northwest Territory) 

ellie boot

Lex Murphy

“I happen to be a vegetarian. ”



Purple Baseball Cap- Lids 14.99


Purple Paisley Sleeveless Shirt- (jones New York) $21.99

You need to cut off the ribbon to make this one work.  Hard item to find.


High Waisted Jeans- American Apparel $80


Tim Murphy


Some of these items are repeats from Alan Grant.  Just realized that these two are dressed alike.


Blue Denim Short Sleeve Shirt- Top Man $60


Striped T-Shirt- Tilly’s (DC shoes) $29.99


Brown Belt- Macy’s (Geoffrey Beene) $18.99


Blue Bandanna- Target 3.99 2pk


Men’s Khaki Shorts- Old Navy $20.00

Part 2

Don’t forget to visit tomorrow as I will be handling more of the Jurassic Park side characters, as well as some favorites.  Thanks.

-Clash out

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