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Song of the Week-9/29/13

I’m in a good mood today, but what’s poetic about that?  This song seems perfect.  Fake Blues by Real Estate.  Enjoy and download.  Thanks.   Photo courtesy of

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Football Americano: Martin Gramatica

Week Four of this young NFL season was ushered in last night in St. Louis as the San Francisco 49ers easily handled the Rams by a score of 35-11.  San … Continue reading

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Why a Jumanji like scenario scares me more than the Zombie Apocalypse

In the modern era of pop culture, we happen to be obsessed with the notion of a zombie apocalypse.  The concept of the undead terrorizing people has been something that … Continue reading

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My Top Five Day Trips outside San Francisco

Over the summer I took my first trip to San Francisco and I have say I came back in love with the city.  From its daunting hills, to its restaurants … Continue reading

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Why Andrew McCarthy is my idol. (And it has very little to do with his acting.)

Andrew McCarthy is living out my fantasy.  No I never wanted to be a preppy good looking rich kid.  I’m honest with myself; I knew that was never going to … Continue reading

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Song of the Week 9/22/13

Paper Planes by the Clientele.  A rare and interesting take on the famous M.I.A. hit.  Hope you enjoy.  I personally like how they replace the gunshots with what I think … Continue reading

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Exploring Inwood Hill Park: The Last Remnant of Mannahatta

I’ve lived in and around New York City my entire life and yet, I never stop marveling at certain aspects of it.  I love the old cliché of eight million … Continue reading

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Football Americano: Tony Gonzalez

Week 3 of the NFL season is off and running with Andy Reid taking his Chiefs into his old stomping yard of Philadelphia and putting down the Eagles 26-16.  Nice … Continue reading

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Tusk!: Don’t say that you love me.

I’ve been doing a lot of writing lately so naturally that means, I’ve been listening to a lot of music.  We currently live in the era of distractions whether it … Continue reading

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